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Teaching Ministries

Our teaching ministries are-

Sunday School Teachers lead our interactive adult bible study for half an hour prior to our worship experience on Sundays. This enriches our understanding of scriptures further for practical everyday living.

Discipleship Class Teachers provide structured teachings for the journey of a new believer up until they become leaders in the church. This includes the baptismal classes and the workers in training classes. 

Children’s Church

Our fun filled children’s church is resourced by trained children’s teachers who impart the Godly knowledge that serves as the foundation to build on in their journey of faith.



At RCCG Kingdom Life Tabernacle, we make sure you feel welcomed as soon as you come through the doors. Our friendly ushers greet you as you enter before helping you to find a seat within the congregation. We are a friendly team whose goal it is to make both new visitors and regular worshippers feel relaxed and at home, enjoying the warmth and love of the worship experience. We assist in ensuring a smooth running of our meetings and big events. 


The hospitality team at RCCG Kingdom Life Tabernacle organises the after-service refreshments/meals on a weekly basis and on our big events spread across the year. We offer teas, coffees, a selection of snacks and full meals with consideration for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet.   

Prayer Team

Our dedicated prayer ministers make it their business to stand with members in need of prayer support in addition to praying for our land. In preparing for church meetings and events, we come together to pray and often organise prayer chains for the right spiritual atmosphere for our meetings. 

Audio Visual Unit

Here we set up and test all our audio visual soft and hard ware before every meeting or event and store them up after each meeting or event. Our vision is to ensure effective and efficient communication throughout our meetings, which we achieve prayerfully, with careful planning, close monitoring and care for the equipment. Everyone is welcome to join this exciting and creative arm of the church regardless of prior experience in audio-visual systems management, as support from other members is always available. We meet an hour before the start of every meeting. 

Project Andrew (Evangelism)

Like Apostle Andrew, the 1st recorded witness of our Lord, we create contemporary ways of sharing the good news within our local communities regularly. We organise training sessions for those new to witnessing to make both their personal and corporate witnessing effective. All these are led by the evangelism team but all members are welcome to join in executing this heart beat project of God. Project Andrew happens every 2nd Saturday of the month, unless otherwise stated.

RCCG – KLT choir ministry

We are the KLT choir ministry, made up of the main church choir and musicians. We are made up of individuals brought together by our love of music and a desire to use our God-given talents to inform people of the love of God.

We happily welcome members looking to join the choir, irrespective of age or prior experience. Our primary aim is to ensure self-growth, both in in the choir and your spiritual work with Christ. All we require from you is a willingness to learn and a passion for serving God.

Our ministration takes place every Sunday as part of the church service.  We also meet regularly at 7pm on Fridays for our weekly rehearsals, and Sundays after service for our choir meetings. 

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